Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birthday Wishes for the youngest 89 year old I know!

The lovely young lady in this picture, turns 89 today!  This is my Gram (the one that we went to Alaska with, you may have read about it in this post)!  I'm not sure when this picture was taken, but by her hair colour I am going to guess that it was before I was born.
She is 60 years older than I am, but I am pretty close to her.  Not only is she my Dad's mom, but also one of my mom's best friends and that means that I get to see her a lot.  I also grew up living in the same town/city as her so she has always been around when it counts.

Even though we are very close, it wasn't until after we came back from our Alaska trip that I realized just  how much a like we are.  I know that I inherited her body type (long legs and a short torso), but hadn't really seen anything else that made me think we looked a like until I saw this picture!
This was not planned!!!  We were laughing at something that had just happened (my brother thinks that he put his head in front of my dad's camera) as my dad's girlfriend took this picture.  My husband was actually the one that really brought it to my attention - it is me and me in 60 years!!!  No doubt about the fact that we are realated!!  Not only are our expressions the same, we are even sitting the same - how does that happen?

Needless to say, we both really love this picture.  When we gave Gram a digital picture frame for Christmas, she asked where this picture was.  I didn't really have an answer as it isn't really a "good" picture, but I understand why she likes it so much, as I do too!  It makes me feel just that much closer to her.

So, seeing as her birthday is today I decided that I needed to do something special and it needed to be with this picture.  I bought MDS (My Digital Studio) through Stampin' Up! when it was on sale half off, but hadn't had a chance to really put it to work to see if I would like it or not and this was the perfect way to do that.  Here is what I came up with.
I can't wait to give it to her (I know she won't see this before then as she does not have a computer).  I am hoping that my Dad will bring her into the city so that I can see her face when she opens it.

**Edited**  I did not get to see Gram open this, but was sent this picture from when she did.  And spoke to her after, she loved it!

Happy 89th Birthday Gram!