Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another Birthday!

Today it is my Mom's birthday!  Happy Birthday Mom!

She came home from a trip on Friday and I was able to leave her gift (as well as Gram's - I will re-post the picture soon) in her vehicle so that when she got back she would get it, even though I did not get to see her.

This is a picture of my mom when she was around the age that I am now.  I LOVE this suit!  (I thought I would stick with using old photos as I am still in the process of scanning all of them.)
When I found out that for our Stamping Splurge (like Stamp Club) that we were going to need 4-5 pictures I knew that whatever we made was going to be my Mom's birthday gift as I had not made her anything yet and she is hard to shop for as she has most of the stuff that she needs.
**Please keep in mind that I did not come up with this idea.  It is all Julie Buhler's idea - you can check out her blog here.  She does not have the tutorial up yet, but I know that it is something that she will be working on.**

It is a wonderful easel card/flip photo album made with Greenhouse Gala DSP.
Most of the ladies in the splurge started with a picture on the front, but because I put all photos of my brother and I in the album, I wanted something for my mom on the front (This also would have made a very nice Mother's day gift).

Here is one of the inside pages from when my brother and I were very young.  You can see how the pages flip over and hang at the back.
Mom loved her gift and I love giving something as personal as this!  You can't beat a handmade gift!