Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tickled Pinkies Party

This is a *Non-stamping post*, but I have to tell you about the awesome time that I had on Friday night!  It was a great way to spend a Friday evening with co-workers!  Just to let you know, most of the people I work with at this job are women, so we decided to have a girls' night!  The few men involved weren't "man enough" to join in on the fun, but they did get to enjoy the great food - like these cupcakes that my boss' sister made!
They looked like little drinks and tasted like it too!  They were citrus cupcake with icing to die for!! 

The part the guys didn't join in on was the best part!  We had Rea from Tickled Pinkies come and paint our toe nails.  She did an amazing job and even though I know that they will last quite a while, I am still excited for the next time that she will do them!  She is a great lady, fun to talk to and very creative!  I found a few things in "the book" that you choose your designs from that I liked, but I wasn't sure which I liked better so she combined them for me!  Here is the end results.
I LOVE ladybugs!  So she did a lady bug on my big toes and little flowers on all of the rest - she also did a pink background as I told her I am a huge pink person. 

Thanks to Rea for coming to do our nails and thanks to my bosses for putting on such a great staff party...again!

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