Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our 4th Anniversary!

I'm having a great day today!  How could it not be great when I was greeted at noon by a dozen red roses and I get to go out for an amazing supper at Hole in the Wall restaurant tonight!  Neither of us have been, but we have heard only great things about it and I was drooling just looking at the menu!

Here is one of my favorite pictures from the wedding.  I love how well it not only shows off the beading down the back of my dress, but it also shows off one of our favorite views of the our city.  When we got married, this was just a few blocks from where we lived and we walked here just about every weekend and some week nights.

I find it almost hard to believe that this was 4 years ago!  We now live on the other side of the river and past the bridge that you can see in the distance.  It isn't that much farther, but we just don't seem to make it there very often.

Here is another picture of us from this spring, when my husband finished his degree I decided that he needed to get some "grad" photos and I joined in. 
I'm so happy to be with such a great guy...who is still trying understand how I could go to the lake to craftbook* with friends last weekend and want to go craftbook shopping with them this weekend too!  Just wait till it is 2 nights a week in our apartment, he will really think I have lost it!

*craftbook* - my new word because I don't really scrapbook, but making cards, mini-almbums and 3D items is just too much to say!

Enjoy your evening!  Happy craftbooking!


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